Cystic fibrosis can be incredibly difficult on many levels. Having financial stress can be overwhelming, especially while enduring the challenging treatments. We understand this need and are working to provide financial support to qualifying families to help carry them through these hard times.


Unmasking Mindfulness is an 8-week meditation program that utilizes live online webinars, educational video content, and in person one-on-one instruction to provide a platform for coping tools in the CF community. Unmasking Mindfulness educates the CF community on how to practice mindfulness and meditation with a proven scientific based method. 


Our goal is to develop the world's largest ocean based activities program for people with CF. Through our Piper's Angels Salt Supply Program, we are providing lifelong opportunities for CF'ers to access the salt environment that is so beneficial to their health— physically and mentally.


The purpose of our Forever Stoke Scholarships are to provide positive experiences in a natural healing salt environment, while also empowering the person with CF to develop skillsets that can become a lifelong gift.  These scholarships include covering the costs of equipment and gear, coaching, participation in saltwater based camps and activities, and participation in The Crossing For CF event.


More programs coming soon!




The CF Warrior Endowment Fund is an investment account designed to aggregate funds to create a sustainable source for providing financial support to the CF community.  Currently, the account has an estimated $110,000 (Jan 2020).  We will be making deposits on a semi-annual basis with a long term goal of $10,000,000. The fund’s purpose is to utilize the earned interest to make consistent and sustainable distributions to cover needs for CF patients and families through the Piper’s Angels Foundation programs.  


The genesis of The Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis, a transoceanic journey from the Bahamas to Florida, lies in the fact that salt water can help alleviate the symptoms of cystic fibrosis. Participating in The Crossing provides us opportunities to see amazing things on and around the water, and includes a responsibility to respect, protect and enhance our coastal and marine ecosystems. As the ranks of Piper’s Angels expand and we boldly march forth, we seek to tread lightly, minimize the footprint of our collective environmental impact, and take steps to promote sustainability and stewardship.


Beyond coastal and waterway cleanups, the Crossing For Cystic Fibrosis and Piper's Angels Foundation will lead by example by reducing water use, energy use, and waste creation; minimize waste generation by choosing reusable containers, bottles and bags; recycling when necessary, but always trying to reduce or reuse first; recognize that upland runoff influences groundwater and downstream water systems; maximize percolation of fresh water back into the ground, to encourage natural filtration and aquifer recharge; contribute to policy decisions by supporting measures to protect and enhance water resources; support local businesses that support environmental stewardship; and continually educate ourselves on water conservation and environmental protection.


We are fostering relationships with organizations and brands that reflect and share our sustainable goals.  Over the past few years, we have developed strategic partnerships with 4ocean, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Waterkeepers Alliance, International Seakeepers Society, and One Piece Plan. 


Doing the best thing for the Earth is not always the easiest choice, but it is the best way to ensure the sustainability and regeneration of our home for future generations.

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