Urgent Financial Assistance

Helping CF families in need

The Piper’s Angels Foundation (PAF) has established the “Urgent Financial Assistance” (UFA)  program to assist people battling cystic fibrosis (CF) in need of medically necessary and time sensitive financial assistance.  People with CF can find themselves in situations with financial stressors due to extended time out of work, in the hospital or unexpected necessary expenses. It’s part of our mission to help make those situations less stressful anyway we can!

View our Frequently Asked Questions or find out How To Apply below!

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This organization was a blessing to us when we needed it most. Like so many, Covid has made it close to impossible to find and pay for items, needed in the CF community. At the time, Pipers Angels assisted us with a  financial shoulder to lean on. If you're looking for a place to give, please consider donating here. I'm a real human trying to make it work as a single parent on this earth.  I can say  that angels are definitely here on earth.


-Bailey Dodd

Who can apply?

Individuals with CF or legal guardians of minors with CF may apply for an urgent financial assistance grant. 


What will PAF financially assist with? 

We will financially assist with medically necessary needs that, if not met, will negatively impact the health of the individual with CF. 


How much financial assistance can I apply for?

At this time, due to limitations brought forth by COVID-19, we are only able to provide grants of $250-$500.


How often can I apply for the Piper’s Angels UFA grant?

Due to the quantity of applications received, each individual with CF is eligible to apply for a UFA grant once in a rolling calendar year. If your family has more than one child with CF you may apply for a grant for the other child after 6 months of the initial submission.

How To Apply

Applicants are required to provide all of the following documents in order to be considered:

1.  Application 

  • Fill out the digital application below in full:


2.  CF Verification Letter from social worker or doctor 

  • Your CF social worker or doctor needs to personally write a verification letter (on hospital letterhead) confirming CF diagnosis and verifying that your request for financial assistance is necessary for a "medically related" need that will impact the health of the CF applicant if not paid.

  • Emailed directly to UFA@pipersangels.org from the social worker’s or doctor’s email.


3.  Two (2) Photos. These photos/videos serve the purpose of inspiring more people to donate to the UFA Program to help more CF families in need worldwide.

  • MUST be JPG or PNG files.  NO PDFs

  • Must be original raw photos.  Cannot have filters, be edited, or be a screenshot.

  • 1 photo of a good day with CF and 1 photo of a bad day with CF.


4.  Photo Release Form 

  • Must download and SIGN  "PAF Photo Release Waiver" from the website.

  • To download, click the button below

5.  W-9 form for payee 


6.  Submit

  • Please email ALL items as soon as possible to UFA@pipersangels.org and include the applicant's name in the subject line.

  • UFA applications will only be processed once ALL steps are 100% complete.



We know time is of the essence for your needs,  we thank you for your patience and we very much look forward to being of service the best we can!