Urgent Financial Assistance

Helping CF families in need

The Piper’s Angels Foundation has established the “Urgent Financial Assistance” (UFA) program to assist people battling cystic fibrosis (CF) in need of medically necessary and time sensitive financial assistance. People with CF can find themselves in situations with financial stressors due to hospitalizations, extended time out of work, or unexpected necessary expenses. Having financial stress can be overwhelming, especially while enduring challenging treatments. We understand this need! It’s part of our mission to help make those situations less stressful anyway we can for qualifying families!

Who can apply?
We will financially assist with medically necessary needs that, if not met, will negatively impact the health of the individual with CF. Any approved requests for assistance will be directly paid to the 3rd party vendors.

How much financial assistance can I apply for?
PAF feels fortunate that through the generosity of our donors, each awardee can receive up to a $1000 financial assistance grant per year. The amount awarded is determined by the UFA review committee.

How often can I apply for the Piper’s Angels UFA grant?
Due to the quantity of applications received, each individual with CF is eligible to apply for a UFA grant once in a rolling calendar year. If your family has more than one child with CF you may apply for a grant for the other child after 6 months of the initial submission.

How To Apply

Due to an excess of new applications and staffing impacts resulting from our response to Covid19, also known as Coronavirus, wait times are longer than normal for all application processing.

We are only accepting applications that are 100% complete and have followed all instructions on our website. Please be sure to read each step thoroughly.

We are doing our very best to keep this program open and supporting our CF community during this unprecedented time as best as we can. We thank you for your patience and understanding.




  • Download and fill out the pdf fillable application packet in full (5 pages including instructions). It can be found by clicking the pink Application button above or below. 

  • Email the filled out application as a SCANNED PDF.  JPG applications will not be accepted.

  • If you do not have a scanner you can download a free app called GENIUS SCAN that will allow you to scan documents on your phone.


  • Write a short hardship letter (pdf or docx only. No screenshots, jpegs, etc)

  • Describe your circumstances and why your financial request is a ‘medically related’ need.

  • Explain what the finances will be used for.

  • Be sure to include the exact amount requested.

  • If the payment is for a 3rd party vendor (landlord, utility company, medical equipment company, etc) you must fill out the attached ‘Vendor Info’ form (page 3 of the application). Provide ALL necessary info required to make a payment to the named vendor (account info, contact info, web address and credentials, etc.).

  • Submit all supporting documents and necessary details to allow us to make

  • Include your ZELLE or PAYPAL account information to be paid faster digitally.


  • Your CF social worker or primary doctor needs to personally write a verification letter (on hospital letterhead) confirming CF diagnosis and verifying that your request for financial assistance is necessary for a "medically related" need that will impact the health of the CF applicant if not paid.

  • This needs to be emailed directly from their email address to UFA@pipersangels.org.

Step 4: PHOTOS (jpg)

  • Send 2 pictures of CF applicant

    • 1st photo = a good day with CF (having fun, smiling, enjoying life).

    • 2nd photo = a not so good day with CF (either doing treatments, hospitalized, or facing the challenges of CF)

  • Photos must be original raw photos, not screenshots or have cartooned filters.

  • These photos/videos serve the purpose of inspiring more people to donate to the UFA Program to help more CF families in need worldwide.


  • If applicant is a minor a guardian must sign Photo Release Waiver

Step 6: Fill-out and sign the W-9 (not a W-2)

  • Please make sure it's signed before snding back.

Step 7: SUBMIT

  • Please submit ALL items as soon as possible via email to: UFA@pipersangels.org

  • All forms MUST be in PDF format.

  • All pictures must be in a original JPG format that can be printed 8x10 clearly.

  • UFA applications will only be processed once ALL components are 100% complete.

  • It is currently taking up to two weeks to process applications and mail payments.

We know time is of the essence for your needs, we thank you for your patience and we very much look forward to being of service the best we can!

With love and gratitude,

Your Piper's Angels Foundation Family