Forever Stoke Scholarships

The Piper’s Angels Foundation created the Forever Stoke Scholarships program to provide positive experiences in a natural healing salt environment, while also empowering the person with cystic fibrosis to develop skill sets that can become a lifelong gift.  Participating in saltwater activities has been scientifically proven to increase respiratory health and provide a natural therapy for healing in a positive environment. Establishing this interest and skill set is critical at an early age before lung function decreases.

View our Frequently Asked Questions or find out How To Apply below!


I simply cannot thank Piper’s Angels enough for providing me with a Forever Stoke Scholarship last year. Receiving that allowed me to get the paddleboard of my dreams and it laid the pathway for me participating in the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis last year. The Crossing was something that I did not know that I even wanted to do but once I began to find out more and more about it I realized that it was definitely a worthy goal and a challenge that I readily accepted. What I didn’t know was that the experience was a lot more than the actual Crossing itself. Getting to meet and interact with the people who make this event happen each year and getting to meet and get to know Piper herself was all part of this amazing journey.
I will never forget that experience and I loved it so much I’m going back again in 2022!
-Scott Johnson

Who can apply?

Individuals with cystic fibrosis are eligible for each of the categories of Forever Stoke Scholarship.

What are the 5 categories of Forever Stoke Scholarships?

These scholarship opportunities include:

  • The Crossing For CF - Partial to full scholarships that cover registration fees, travel, lodging, and boat support. 

  • Equipment & Gear - such as paddle boards, surf boards, roof racks, snorkel gear, PFDs, etc.

  • Camps & Coaching - such as Watersports camps, professional coaching, athletic training, etc.

  • Ambassador Sponsorship - Sponsorship support for participation in competitive saltwater sports.

  • Other Salt Activities - such as snorkeling, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing, salt room sessions, etc.

How many grants can I qualify for? 

Per year, each person may apply for up to two grants.


What are the requirements for Awardees? 

Should you be granted a scholarship you will agree to supply the following:

  • Media content (photos and/or video) of your participation in the experience.

  • Testimonial - either written or in video format

How To Apply

Applicants are required to provide all of the following documents in order to be considered:

1.  Application 

  • Fill out the digital application below in full:


2.  CF Verification Letter from social worker or doctor 

  • Your CF social worker or doctor needs to personally write a verification letter (on hospital letterhead) confirming CF diagnosis

  • Emailed directly to FSS@pipersangels.org from the social worker’s or doctor’s email.


3.  Photo Release Form 

  • Must download and SIGN  "PAF Photo Release Waiver" from the website.

  • To download, click the button below

4.  Hold Harmless Liability Waiver

  • Must download and SIGN  "Hold Harmless Liability Waiver"

  • To download, click button below


5.  Submit

  • Please submit ALL items as soon as possible to FSS@pipersangels.org

  • FSS applications will only be processed once ALL steps are 100% complete.